I'm 21 and hate my smile. I think I have excess fat on my chin, which causes unevenness and weird dimples. What will fix this?

I am thin but have always had a strange and uneven chin. One side is bigger than the other when I smile. I think it is either excess fat or skin over my chin that causes this and I want to know what I can do to change this. A facelift? Chin reduction surgery? Facial liposuction? What works, and what is wrong! I've had this since birth.

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I'm 21 and hate my smile. I think I have excess fat on my chin, which causes unevenness and weird dimples. What will fix this?

This is very difficult to answer without pictures or an exam.

Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of facelifts, necklifts, facelift revisions, and facial procedures each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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Chin Unevenness and “weird” dimples when smiling

Chin asymmetries can be caused by acquired (e.g. trauma) or congenital (before birth) causes. They may involve one or several of the components that give the form/shape to the chin: skin, soft tissue (fat) and bone. Additionally, unevenness when smiling could be secondary to weakness in the muscles of the chin (mentalis muscle).

Patients with static (when resting) and dynamic (when animating the face –e.g. smiling) chin asymmetries should undergo careful evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon/craniofacial surgeon. These deformities can be improved/corrected with temporary and permanent surgical procedures.

Chin implants and fat transfer to the chin are some of the most common procedures performed to improve the chin appearance (see link below). However, patients that are not ready to commit for a permanent surgical procedure (e.g. chin implant) should consider undergoing chin asymmetry correction with temporary injectable fillers (e.g. “liquid chin implant”). Injectable fillers based on hyaluronic acid can be used in patients in the office setting in a walk-in basis. The procedure involves minimal discomfort and minimal downtime. Patients should refrain from taking aspirin or ibuprofen containing products for products for 7days and 2 days respectively before the injection. Additionally, hyaluronic acid-based chin enhancement can be reversed with the injection of an enzyme that dissolves the product.

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Uneven Chin

Without seeing pictures or seeing you in person, it is impossible to give you specific advice. However, there are likely several options that can help you. At your age, if you have slight asymmetry, dermal fillers can give you a nice improvement for asymmetry. Injections along the chin in the area of deficit can help improve projection. If there is extra fat under the chin the the sub mental region, this can be removed with a mini liposuction procedure. However, you really need to be evaluated in person to know what procedures are appropriate for you.

Good Luck.

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