May 2012 Stage 2 Clinical Trials for Breast Lift Device. Anyone Involved in US Trials?

Is anyone is knowledgeable or involved in US Trials for the Orbix Breast Lift ? I would be very interested in participating in US Clinical Trials or learning more. Orbix is approved in Israel and finishing EP Stage 2 Clinical Trials with UMC Utrecht, Netherlands (Dr. Moshe Kon), I took a look at their EU patent which reached (T3) status yesterday (8-8-12). Over 81 countries were designated in the patent. UK news articles were published on this device as early as 2009. Pics below.

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Scarless Breast Lift


As long as your breast has too much skin, these scarless techniques will fail.  Go visit a breast specialist who performs true mastopexies on a daily basis. You will be much happier with those results even with the scars than any scarless result.

Best of luck!

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Clinical trials for breast lift device

It is noble of you to donate your breast to a scientific trial, but breast lift with mesh, sutures, etc. is not a new concept and what you venture into just may not work out. The breast is a skin structure, and it can be suspended from the chest wall as the patent suggests to give it a lift, but this is not how the breast is put together. Like with thread facelift, my bet is the device will not have wide appeal and it is generous of you to be so willing.

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