Is 2000 ccs too much to harvest for aqualipo fat transfer?

I am wanting to get a buttllift via fat transfer with aqualipo and my PS said i have about 1000 ccs of total fat at this point to harvest, he is recommending i gain 20 lbs to try to obtain 2000ccs . I feel like this is alot and am not sure how typical this is and im concerned that i will have left over fat that I do not want. I know some fat cells get lost in the process, but isnt 600 ccs per cheek plenty to get a brazillian booty?

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How much back side is enough?

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It is my opinion that injection of 1000 cc into each buttocks is excessive in MOST cases.  You may be better served by getting a second opinion.

Brazilian butt lift and fat tranasfer

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The amount of fat that can be collected depends on various factors. For example, visceral fat cannot be harvested because this is the fat around the gut, liver, etc. The only fat that can be removed is the fat that you can grab with you hands. As a rule of thumb, only 30% of the fluid removed during liposuction is usable. For example, whenever I do liposuction, I inject a fluid called tumescent fluid. This fluid contains epinephrine (to control bleeding) and lidocaine (a pain control). The fluid that is aspirated is a combination of fat, oil, saline, plus medications. Out of this solution, only 30% will be usable fat. In other words, if 1000cc of the fluid is removed, only 300 cc will be fat. Typically I remove about 5 -7 liter of fluid. Out of this amount, approximately 1500 – 2000 cc is usable fat.

During the physical exam, based on your body shape, I determine how much fat you have and if you will need to gain weight. It is not uncommon to gain weight before the procedure if in fact you need more fat. I recommend 10-20 lbs. depending on the circumstances. This fat will be removed during the surgery to accentuate your natural curves.

I typical inject an average of 500 cc -600 cc into each buttock. I have found that, in order to have noticeable results, this amount will be optimal. The amount varies on the projection and shape of the buttock that you want to have.

Brazilian butt lift and preoperative weight gain

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The Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction and fat injection. Liposuction and fat injection is a fat surgery. Gaining weight before surgery in my opinion does not improve the results of a fat injection.

Fat cells do not replicate. You're born with a certain number of fat cells and keep the same number of fat cells throughout life. When you gain weight each cell gets larger and when you lose weight each cell gets smaller. So gaining weight does not increase the number of cells. When you do the fat transfer your going to move same number of cells whether they are fat or skinny, so gaining weight does not improve the results. If you gain weight before surgery by overeating after surgery when you go back to eating normally your buttocks will shrink to the same size it would've been if he did the surgery after normal weight.

I've done Brazilian butt lift in patients who are thin in patients who are heavy. When you have more fat you can make more change in the buttocks, but both patients have an hourglass shape after surgery. My average amount is not available in most surgeries is between 1000 and 1500 mL of fat, and this amount makes a significant change.

You can look at my profile and website to see the type of change that can be made. 

So far as the Auqualipo you may damage some of the fat cells due to the pressure and decrease to take of the fat cells in the buttocks.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilan Butt Lift

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The avarage Brazilian Butt Lift take about 400-600 cc of pure fat.

To get that amount of fat one needs to get a total aspirate (with fluid)about 3000 cc.

Gaining 20 lb is a lot and some of that gained fat will not be liposuctioned. However we do not know your weight and height. Nore we have any pictures to advise you. Aqualipo has a lot of fluid, and there is very little studies about the viability of fat in Aqualipo.

I prefer low pressure liposuction to lessen the injury to the fat cells.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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