I Have a 200 Cc Augmentation. Can I Reduce for a Less Heavy Look?

I tried 150 cc but they still dropped as low. Any other solution possible?

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Downsizing implants

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What profile (or projection) are your 200ml implants? You may feel that they are big for you if you have a high profile implant rather than a moderate or low profile one. A lower projecting implant will also be slightly wider. 

Maybe you could consider looking keeping a similar size but changing the profile (or projection) to a flatter one.

Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon

I Have a 200 Cc Augmentation. Can I Reduce for a Less Heavy Look?

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Based upon the posted photos I would either remove or leave alone. 200 cc to 150 cc will leave a too large pocket even if a pocket repair was attempted I doubt it would work. Obtain more in person opinions. 

Downsizing Breast Implants

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I think, judging from your photos, that you have a nice result with breasts that appear normal rather than "fake".  I agree with Dr. Hamawy that you could either have the implants removed or downsized, but I, too, would then question your original motivation for undergoing augmentation.  If you have had the implants for a short period of time, I certainly recommend that you wait at least 6 months to see if you become more comfortable with the present size.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Time to get the implants removed?

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If you think you are too large, your image of your proportion does not match that of the objective observer.  If your implants were any smaller, they would be even narrower than the 200's you have and would leave a bigger gap in the middle where you already have one.  If you tighten the pocket, it might not hold because of your very thin tissues and tightening the pocket would push the implants up making them look even bigger.  

It is extremely hard to get it perfect for folks as thin as you are and I'd advise either leaving it alone at this point or just consider removing them entirely.

Implants too Low

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Thank you for the question and pictures. I do remember your previous question as well.

I think that it is very likely that your main issue is not the size of the breast implants but the POSITION  of the breast implants.  I say this because you mentioned that the 150 mL implants  have dropped “as low”.

If this is the case, then the solution is internal  suture repair of the breast implant pockets  (capsulorraphy);  this procedure will serve to keep the implants  higher on the chest wall and prevent lateral movement to the side (if this is an issue when you lie down).

I hope this helps.

Should I get smaller implants?

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If you had breast implants and you are unhappy because you think they are too large, you have two options:  downsize or completely remove them.

Based on the photos above, the implants appear to be appropriately sized for your breasts and body frame and are in proportion with the rest of your figure.   If the implants appear too large for you, before rushing to downsize, you should reconsider why you had breast implants in the first place.  You may not be satisfied with even smaller implants.  Give it some time to allow yourself to adjust to them. If you are still unhappy with the way they look and feel in a few months, you may want to choose to have them completely removed.  

Changing implants for a smaller look

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A 200 cc implant is quite small. I personally find the result to be pleasing and do not think that it is worth undergoing additional surgery. I think you should live with the result for a while and then reconsider your options.

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