I Have a 20 Yr Old Chin Implant That Has Resorbed. Can Another Go over It or Have to Be Removed?

i have had a few cosmetic surgeons say they would just place the newer version on top of the old one. Apparently because the old one is so old and was more of a clump chin implant it has eroded into my chin bone pretty far. Are they hard to remove or is there some basis for leaving it intact and going over it?

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Chin implant

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Your very old chin implant was most probably silicone button implant, it can not be resorbed. It has eroded in the bone too much as you mentioned. It needs to be removed to stop the erosion and possible teeth apices erosion and damage. Putting another implant on top of th old onr will increase the pressure and make the bone erosion faster.

See your dentist for examination and x-ray to make sure the apicis of the teeth is ok.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Stacking Chin Implants

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The correct description for what you have is implant settling, not erosion. The pressure of the chin implant has undoubtably reached a stable state and is not an active process, the pressure has been relieved. It would be perfectly fine to place an implant on top of an old one if by doing so it creates the desired look in the least invasive manner. You could argue that stacking a new implant on top of an old has two benefits, it makes the size of the new implant smaller than if the old one was removed and the underlying implant nestled into the bone has a blocking effect on any settling that might otherwise occur from the new implant.

Fixing a Chin Implant that has Caused Bone Resorption

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My answer would depend on the style and position of the previously placed chin implant. It is not more difficult to add to the existing implant than to remove and replace it. I would use the approach that will give you the best result.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Old chin implant

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More  than likely placing a  new implant over the old one will allow for a more precise correction. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

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