Is 20-30 ml of drainage every 4-6 hours typical two days after evacuation surgery? (photo)

Bi-lateral breast augmentation on Wednesday, post op on Thursday, evacuation done on Friday. Dr said could not determine location of bleed and cauterized "most areas" of pocket and installed drain. Next follow up is tomorrow, and it was suggested that if it hasn't slowed, the drain may have to be left in or another evacuation surgery done. How common is this and is this typical protocol in this type of situation?

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Is 20-30 ml of drainage every 4-6 hours typical two days after evacuation surgery? (photo)

Not very common to have continual drainage after an evacuation. But it appears very liquid looking, not bloody looking.. Please follow up with us in a week..//

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Drainage after hematoma evacuation

After a hematoma is evacuated, it is not uncommon to place drains. It is important to follow closely with your surgeon to be properly monitored.

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Postoperative Drainage

Ringram while the amount of drainage you describe is a bit more than typical, it is not beyond the range of acceptable.  The good news is that it appears your drainage is getting fairly clear in color, indicating that your bleeding has slowed significantly or stopped.  The fluid you see is mostly just related to the amount of trauma your breast sustained during the two procedures.  Definitely keep your appointment and follow your surgeon's advise but my hunch is that you will be fine.

Good luck to you!

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