2 Years After Abdominoplasty and Still Hurts to Cough. Is This Normal?

I had a fairly easy recovery from my TT 2 years ago, but experienced some sharp pains when coughing/sneezing at my post op. at 6 months. At the time, my PS said it was normal and woud eventually go away. Now 2 years later it still hurts. He left terrible dog ears that he said couldnt be fixed which were later repaired (at my cost) by another PS, so Im worried that he'll dismiss again but I really cant afford to keep paying other surgeons to fix problems! Is my pain normal? Shoud i be concerned?

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2 Years After #Abdominoplasty and Still Hurts to Cough. Is This Normal? ANS:

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I'm more concerned that you had to pay another surgeon to fix the "dog ears". I usually fix these types of things in my office under local anesthesia and at no charge! But I have had patients that years later continue to have pain with certain activity...And in those cases it did get better....but took a really long time and to this day, I'm not sure why....Sorry I don't have a better answer!!

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