2 Wk into Lipo in Stomach& Flank, Think I Took Too Much Salt in and Now I'm Puffy Again?

I was great, everything was flat and great after surgery, and I think i ate one too many sweet potato fry. Now i'm swollen again. I've been drinking LOTS of water; what else can I do and will I go back to where I was (and about how long?)

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Swelling Increased after Liposuction

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   A fluid collection should always be ruled out after liposuction.  In the absence of this, limit activity and wear the compression garments.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Swelling after liposuction

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Fluctuations in swelling are common in the first few weeks. It tends to stabilize by 3 months when the vast majority of the swelling has resolved. I do recommend to limit salt intake. Staying well hydrated is important, but do not overdo it. Also, make sure you are limiting your activity appropriately. If you are too active you can cause additional swelling. Finally wear your compression garment appropriately. It will help to keep your swelling under control and will speed your recovery allowing you to reach your final result sooner.

Shannon O'Brien, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

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