2 Weeks Time Between 2 GA is It Safe? Want to Have BA and Facial Surgeries Will It Infect my Breast Implants?

Desperately wanting few PS. my work wouldnt give more than 1 month off. planning to fly for BA revision w/internal bra along w/ Rhino under GA, and 14 days later flying to another country to have Mandible reduction Surgery and facial fat graft taking fat from abs area, under GA as well. planning to recover for 14 days before flying back to my country & resume work. Will 2nd surgery cause infection to my breast implants?when is the soonest i can do 2nd surgery to not infect implants?pls advice:(

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Multiple Surgeries and Plane Trips

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WIthout knowing a lot more, I can give only two pieces of advice. First, any oral or nasal surgery has the potential of seeding a newly operated site with bacteria. For this reason, you do need to worry about infection of the implants. Secondly, any surgery and any plane trip (or other travel for that matter) increases the risks of developing blood clots in the legs that can dislodge and go to the lungs where they have the potential of causing death. The risk of this after surgery continues for at least a month. You are planning 2 surgeries and 2 plane trips, markedly increasing these risks. I would advise carefully considering your alternatives and the risks, discussing them with both surgeons before proceeding.

Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Multiple surgeries and travel seems to have excessive associated risks

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Your entire plan seems convoluted and not well thought out.  It would not be a reasonable choice to fly to different countries to have surgery in such a rapid sequence.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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