2 Weeks Out From Extended Abdominoplasty and Healing Unevenly?

I feel a great trust with my doctor. However, my right side is nice, tight and flat while left is bumped out. There is a distinct difference in my silhouette. My doctor said that he may have made one side tighter than the other and if so, he'd take aprox. another inch of skin from my left. Should I pursue getting this revision now or wait months to do it? My well respected Doc said we will watch to see how I heal. I'm unsatisfied with my current result. I wish both sides looked like my right.

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Asymmetry 2 weeks after tummy tuck

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Without pictures, it is difficult to know what is going on.  I agree, it is early in your recovery, but follow closely with your doctor.  If it is a seroma, it may need to be drained.  If it is excess skin, it can be removed under a local anesthetic in the office, but I agree, wait 6 months.  Good luck!

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Tummy tuck and surgical revision

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At just two weeks since your tummy tuck surgery, you are still in the early healing process.  It is not unusual to see some asymmetry at this point.  Often these asymmetries can be associated with swelling or a seroma, which often will resolve over time without further surgery.  I agree with Dr Pousti's and your own surgeon's advice, before deciding on a surgical revision, wait at least six months to a year.  At that point you will be better healed and the true long term results of your surgery will be established.  At that point, if you and your surgeon believes you would benefit from a tummy tuck revision, your surgeon will be able to plan your surgery from a more stable standpoint.  I am certain your surgeon wants to work with you to assure your satisfaction.  Be patient, give your body time to heal, and work with your surgeon.  Helping to maintain a trusting and confident patient/physician relationship will go far to to aiding you.  Best wishes.

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Healing after Abdominoplasty

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It is very normal to experience differences in healing from side to side after any plastic surgical procedure. First of all, our bodies are naturally asymmetrical, and it is not unusual for one side to heal faster, be more swollen, or tighter than the other. At 2 weeks post-op, it is difficult to appreciate what the final result will be, as swelling, bruising, and scar tissue needs to resolve. The majority of times, things have a tendency to resolve on their own without intervention. Certainly, if after 6 months to 1 year, if there are noticeable irregularities, dog-ears, or differences from side to side, they can be adjusted with a scar revision. I would recommend waiting so that your surgeon is able to accurately assess your result, then proceed from there with a revision if it is indicated to give you the best possible result. It sounds like you are in good hands, and I would trust your doctor's advice as you follow through with your post-operative care.

Asymmetry after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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Congratulations on having undergone the extended tummy tuck operation. I think your plastic surgeon is giving you good advice; at this point in your recovery, it is much too early to evaluate the end results of surgery. This evaluation should be done many months (and even up to one year)  from now.

 Given that you have done your due diligence in selection of plastic surgeon, I would suggest you  continue to have confidence, continue to follow-up with him, and continue to exercise patience.  Only time will tell if additional surgery will be necessary/helpful.

Best wishes.


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Without a picture or an exam it’s hard to give you adequate advice. In our practice we like to wait at least 6 months before doing a revision. If you doctor said he would corrected when ready just listen to him.


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Uneven healing 2 Weeks after Extended Abdoninoplasty

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Definitely listen to and follow your plastic surgeon's advice.  Two weeks post op is way too early to consider surgical revision for uneven healing.  One should wait at least six months to, preferably, a year after surgery before considering revision, as many changes for the better continue to occur during this time.  You may very well not need or desire any revision.

Asymmetry in tummy tuck

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There will never be perfect symmetry, so it comes down to how dissatisfied you are vs the risks of another procedure, vs the chances of getting the result you want.


I would recommend waiting until tissues heal as small asymmetries improve over time to some extent, while tissues are more optimum to manipulate.


If and when time is right, consider surgery.  Time is on your side.

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