2 Surgeries Later and Nose Tip Droops?

I am not sure how else to tell my doctor about being unhappy with how droopy my tip is. I had nose surgery May 2011 and I was unhappy with how low my tip was.. The doctor agreed and I had a revision on my tip one yr later May 2012. The doctor lifted the bottom part of my nose but my tip was not fixed. My mode droops. It's been 7pmtjd since my revision. Please tells what's options are for a better tip.

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Tip Droop after 2 Rhinoplasties

   If you provide pictures I can give you a more precise answer.  The drooping tip could be do to poor tip support, which could be improved with a columellar strut.  If you have a hanging columella, the caudal septum can be trimmed and/or the footplates and medial crura can be brought up to the septumSuture techniques, cartilage grafts, and cartilage resection may all be appropriate depending upon your current nose and your goals.

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Drooping tip and two surgeries later

A picture would be very helpful to advise you.  In general, if your tip is truly drooping at this point I would recommend an open tip revision.  That should take care of it.

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