Can a 2% Salicyclic Acid Solution Improve Scar Texture and Pores on Nose?

I'm thinking about ordering Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid for clogged pores on my nose. I damaged an area unnaturally through squeezing and applying a topical that had a very bad effect on it. The result was scarring, very slightly raised skin, darker pigmented skin and enlarged pores which keep filling with gunk. Will 2% BHA help to improve this texture by reducing the color through exfoliation? Will it also clean my pores and reduce the enlarged size? Or should I just leave it alone? Thanks.

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Salicylic for Scars and Pores

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While I do like Salicylic Acid peels, and recommend them regularly for my patients with the assistance of our licensed esthetician, I would recommend a nightly retinol for home care.  That would be a better ongoing regimen for you to refine pores and create continuous exfoliation.  I would recommend SkinMedica's TriRetinol ES.

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