2 Rhinoplasties Later Still Unhappy?

I had a rhinoplasty a year ago to the day to reduce the tip of my nose. I was unhappy with the result my profile views were uneven and there was too much nostril flare. I had another procedure to remove more cartiledge from the tip and to remove a portion of the septum to lower the assemetrical nasal flare. I am 3 weeks post op and I can already tell I am going to be unhappy. Why does it always look good when the bandage first comes off? I have very thick skin should I get kenelog injections?..

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Revison Rhinoplasty

It's very difficult to assess your nose without seeing a picture of it. It sounds like you may have a thick or fatty ethnic type nose. This type  of revision requires special expertise. See links below.

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Revision rhinoplasty and thick skin

I would definitely consult with your rhinoplasty surgeon and express your concerns. Kenalog is one option to help in individuals with thick skin but that needs to be a decision that is jointly made by you and your surgeon. Aggressive taping is another option. Good luck.

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