2 Months Postop. Will my Breasts Ever Even out After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I really haven't seen any progress on becoming symmetrical and I'm starting to lose hope. My plastic surgeon just tells me to massage and wait. I also have a very hard area under my incision of my smaller right breast in the crease, my plastic surgeon told me last week to do aggressive massages on the scar and he will see me again in 2 months. I will really appreciate any advice on softening the incision and achieving symmetrical results.

Update: 400cc right, 300cc left.

1 cup size asymmetry before surgery. A/B
Under the muscle

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Asymmetry after BAM

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I reviewed your pics, and your history.  Notably, you didn't mention specifics about the surgery, but that is OK.


First, nobody is ever perfectly symmetrical.  You had some significant asymmetry preoperatively, and I see it in your post op pics, though it is improved.  I don't expect perfection.


At two months, your implants are still high, with the right slightly higher.  I totally agree with your ps in his recommendations.  The hardness at incision site is due to healing (called a healing ridge), and perhaps some remaining sutures.


I see lots of change in the postop period, all for the better.  You are a bit slower to come down than average, but that is not an indicator that you won't be fine if you give it time.  I would add to the mix, no bra.


Be patient. 



Asymmetry After Breast Augmentation

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Good Morning and thank you for providing both pre- and post-op photos...very helpful with your concerns.

Your post-op asymmetry is a reflection of the differences in your breast shape and positioning noted on your pre-op photo.  One of the most important points I bring up with all breast augmentation patients is the following: Breast implants do not necessarily change the shape of your breasts. They serve to enhance breast size which will also enhance any differences in breast shape.  The size and shape differences in your breasts are noted in your pre-op pics.

Your asymmetry can still be improved. The right breast implant sits higher and the crease remains tight.  With time, the skin will stretch and the crease should drop a bit.  If not, the right breast crease can be lowered down the road which will allow the lower part of the breast to expand and make it closer in appearance to the left breast.  The breast size, if notably different, can be addressed by changing the implant size in one breast to match the other (a choice you can make depending on which breast size you prefer).

The firmness of the scars is a normal part of the healing process and will soften up with time.

Best Wishes as you continue to heal!!!!!


There are some preoperative asymmetries present

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Thank you for the question and the photos.  It is important to point out that you do have some pre-operative asymmetry in your breasts.   Specifically in your photograph the right breast is smaller with a higher fold compared to the left breast.  If similar or same size implants were used than the volume difference will always be present.  The inframammary fold asymmetry may or may not even out depending on what was done during surgery.  

All the best

Dr. Remus Repta



Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetry after breast augmentation

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It is helpful that you provided a preoperative photograph along with your post op views.  It is notable that your right breast has a different shape than your left.  To some extent, these differences are carried through in your post op appearance.

The crease below the breast is still higher on the left than the right and the right implant appears to be displaced superiorly.  This will position the nipple on the right lower than the left.

I agree with your surgeon that much of your asymmetry will improve if you can massage the right  implant into a lower position on the chest wall.   I wouldn't worry too much about the firmness of the scars, that will improve with time alone.

Best of luck,

Douglas Hargrave, M.D.


. Will my Breasts Ever Even out

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I am sure you can tell from your pre-op photos that there is a marked difference in the shape of your breasts. The right breast appears constricted, in that there is a deficiency of tissue in the lower pole of that breast.  It looks like there may also be an overall size difference, but I cannot be certain with the views you have posted.

In terms of predicting how much closer to symmetry you might expect it would be helpful to know if you felt there was a size difference before surgery and if different sized implants were used. 

Only time will tell how much change will still occur over the next months, But the best you can expect is better, not perfect.

Do continue to follow your surgeon's advice. Having examined and followed you his suggestions should carry way more weight than any coming from an online consultant. 

Thank you for your letter and for the attached photos. Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

2 months post op

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Thank you for the question and photos.  It looks like your asymmetry was present before your surgery.  At 2 months, you are still in the recovery stage so it is not uncommon to have asymmetries since breasts do heal at different rates.  Best to give it around 4-6 months to fully settle.  Best of luck.  Dr. Michael Omidi.

2 Months after Breast Augmentation and Asymmetry

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    Given the preoperative asymmetry, this is a fairly typical result at 2 months.  Continue aggressive massage until at least 4 months and maybe even 6 months before considering another operation.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast augmentation Los Angeles, CA


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There is some amount of asymmetry in all women. You are only at two months. You will have a better idea of final results in another 3-6 months.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

2 Months Postop. Will my Breasts Ever Even out After Breast Augmentation?

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You were asymmetric pre operatively so you will need further surgery to achieve better symmetry. Discuss this with your PS. 

Carried Breast Asymmetry After Surgery

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Hello TampaGirl,

Thank you for sharing your before/after photos. Based on what I see, you have had a notable breast asymmetry before you have undergone the surgery.


With that perspective, I believe that combining the pre-existing status of your breasts with being 2 months post-op requires a little more patient and religious massaging of the implants following your surgeon's directions.


Please bare in mind that every body is different hence healing at a different pace and implants (even with the same patient) settle into their natural position at different pace as well. So do not be discouraged but patient.


As for the hard area under the incision of your smaller breast, it is a healing ridge that should get better with time. Following your surgeon's recommendation down that line is a good thing to do since he/she is the one with all the details of your surgery and has had the chance to assess you physically.

I hope this helps and please feel free to check the website below.

Thank you for your inquiry and the best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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