2.5 Weeks Post-op and Picked my Nose Good - Swelling. What Should I Do?

Hi, i'm 2,5 weeks post-op so today (don't ask me why) i really picked inside my nose from the right nostril. I should mention that i really got up there. Now i have noticed new swelling along the right side of my nose and i'm really regretting what i have done. I noticed that my right nostril (which is the one i picked inside) is now ironically smaller than my left one now (quite noticeable). Whould you suggest that this is because of the swelling? I have put ice on my nose now.

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Cleaning Nose 2.5 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty

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Swelling after cleaning your nose may have caused temporary asymmetry of your nostrils. Although it is unlikely that you did any permanent harm, schedule an appointment with your surgeon.

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Let your surgeon clean your nose post Rhinoplasty

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There is a saying do not put anything smaller in your ears or your nose then an elbow! With that said and since you already have I would suggest seeing your surgeon for a check up examination. You are not the first person post rhinoplasty to pick their nose so I would not get overtly worried. You may have some swelling from your actions however it is highly unlikely it will effect your overall results. No more picking and visit your surgeon. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
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