2 1/2 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty Operation. Is This Possibly Swelling? (photo)

My nose looks fantastic in profile, but I am a little concerned about how it looks from the front. I'm aware that swelling will take many months to settle down and it's too soon to judge the final result, but I am quite worried that I may have an open roof deformity or something similar. I can't feel a gap in the bone nor any hard ridges along the side, but the bridge is quite wide and flat, particularly considering I had a narrow bridge before. Is this possibly still swelling along the sides?

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2 1/2 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty Operation. Is This Possibly Swelling? (photo)

Thanks for the series of posted photos. Though it is very early post operatively I believe your result especially the tip will not be to your satisfaction. Revision plans for 6 months following this operation should be considered. Seek in person second opinions. 

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

Yes, the tip is very swollen and will resolve very slowly.  The skin of the nose is like no other on the body.  It holds water like a sponge and takes weeks to months to resolve.  Patience is your friend.

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