I have had 1fraxel treatments . I would like to know what to buy to numb my face and neck before my next treatment

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Numbing Cream Can Be Dangerous!

It is true that a treatment of Fraxel can be moderately uncomfortable for patients; however, numbing cream is always a good option to mitigate the pain.  The type of numbing medication and length of time it is applied will be determined by your physician.  There have been devastating cases of patients numbing on their own without supervision. Various factors play a role in determining the safest approach suited for each patient. Speak to your physician prior to the procedure to find the best plan for you! Fraxel, after all, surely is a great way to rejuvenate and restore your skin!

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Fraxel and numbing cream

Your question about numbing cream is an excellent one.  I am always surprised by patients who have had Fraxel performed by other offices and tell me that the procedure was painful.  The proper protocol is to come to your doctor's office one hour ahead where the doctor or nurse applies a thick amount of numbing cream to the entire treated area.  This special "super" numbing cream can not be prescribed or dispensed at a pharmacy.  Only a doctor's office is allowed to buy this time of numbing cream and apply it.  In the future please ask your physician to provide the numbing and apply it to you safely in their office.

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Don't use numbing creams without a doctor's instructions!

It can be dangerous to apply anesthetic gels outside of your doctor's office. Too much "numbing" can literally be life threatening.

Your doctor will apply topical numbing in the office for a specified amount of time at a certain strength prior to your Fraxel treatment. 

Fraxel is not painless so expect some discomfort even with numbing gel. The FDA release linked below is good information to read so you understand why doing this on your own can be so hazardous.

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