19 Years Old. After 3 Pregnancies my Breast Are Sagging and Look Smaller. What Can I Do?

After 3 pregnacies my breast are sagging alot and look empty like if it is only skin there. they look really small smaller then before i got pregnant. what can i do?

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19 years old. After 3 pregnancies, my breasts are sagging and look smaller. What cn I do?

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Hello!   Thank you for your question. This is an excellent question, and one very common for those seeking rejuvenation of the appearance of her breasts, especially after pregnancy. Your complaints are likely due to post-pregnancy changes of your breasts as they likely enlarged and stretched during and immediately after your pregnancy as they became engorged with milk for lactation. Now, they have a typical "deflated" appearance as they have settled but have lost much of the enlargement during your pregnancy. Options to ameliorate your complaints would include implant placement, breast lift, fat grafting, or a combination of these modalities. A consultation with a plastic surgeon may help you decide which procedure(s) may be the best option for you.

It may be wise to wait until after you have completed child bearing, as similar changes will occur after each pregnancy. Also, it is not uncommon to have different sizes of breasts, but I would recommend evaluation if there is a sudden change in one side from another, a mass is felt to account for the size difference, any changes in skin or nipple appearance, or drainage/bleeding from the nipple. Changes can certainly continue after future pregnancies. Hope that these answers help!

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Sagging breasts following pregnancy

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Do not have any surgical procedure on your breasts until you are sure that you will not have additional pregnancies. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns. Upon examination, your well trained surgeon will be able to recommend the procedures which would best address your concerns. These options may include a mastopexy (breast lift) and /or a breast augmentation. Best wishes!

Christine Sullivan, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Candidate for breast lift/augmentation

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I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the best and safest possible options regarding your case. Provide photos of the results you would like to achieve to communicate your goals with the surgeon. You may be a good candidate for a breast lift/mastopexy with implants to provide fullness or volume. It is difficult to diagnose which procedures you may benefit from without photos. Depending on the severity and complexity of your case, you may be a better candidate for silicone gel to provide a more natural feel. Make sure to address all of these concerns during your examination. Good luck and take care.

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Sagging breasts

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If you are thinking of having more children, I would wait until you are done before considering a breast lift.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation after 3 pregnancies?

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I recommend you make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss some options.  Based on what you have described I would assume that the best decision for you would be to undergo a breast augmentation with a lift.  Make sure to visit more than one plastic surgeon in order for you to get more than just one opinion.  That way, you can also discuss what size would look best on your body.

Sam Speron, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift or augmentation or both?

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The answer depends on whether you have true ptosis or pseudoptosis. In the former, you will likely require and implant and a lift whereas in the latter you could get by with an implant alone and/or fat grafting.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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A lift or implants or a lift with implants are options,

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If your nipple areolar complex is at or close to the inframamary fold (the crease under your breast) then you an fill out the collapsed breast with a breast implant. if you have enough breast tissue a silicone gel implant under your breast would be best, if not the a gel or saline breast implant under your pectoralis muscle would be better. 

if you have significant ptosis of your breast (your breast tissue and nipple well below the inframamary fold then you will need a mastopexy (breast lift) with or with out implants. if you have enough breast tissue then a lift will do. If you would like to be bigger then a lift with a gel implant would be best. 

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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19 Years Old. After 3 Pregnancies my Breast Are Sagging and Look Smaller. What Can I Do?

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ONLY if you are NOT having any more kids than consider a implant lifting to correct your issues. See 3 boarded surgeons in your area. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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