How Much Smaller Will I Be After Swelling? Is This Normal?

I Am 190 Lbs. and 5' 1" I Had a Breast Lift and Augmentation. I chose 550 cc's and when I tried them out in the office with a bra, using a 38DD, they looked perfect. However, since the surgery 3 weeks ago today, I don't feel like I look any bigger then I did in my padded 38 B. The surgery was done under the muscle. My profile looks bigger, but my shirts don't fit me any better. Can you tell me is this normal?? Also, the doctor said I still have swelling, so if that is right, how much smaller will I look when the swelling goes down?????

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How Much Smaller Will I Be After Swelling?

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It may be counterintuitive, but swelling may make the breast appear smaller by blending out the contour changes that have occurred. 

It is hard to answer anything more specific to your course without photos. 

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Concerned with results 3 weeks after breast augmentation

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You won't see your final result for at least 3-6 months.  It takes time for your breasts to heal, your swelling to resolve, and your implants to settle.  The larger your implants, the longer it takes for them to settle, and 550 cc is a large implant. 

It's best to follow up with your plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns with him/her.  I hope that helps and wish you the best.

Swelling 3 weeks after BA

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Relax. You still have a way to go till you can really see your results. It takes about three months for most of the swelling to resolve and the implants to settle into position. 550 cc is a big implant and you will certainly see a change from before your surgery.

Augment sizing

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550 cc implants are large and, at 5'1", would produce an enlargement. Bra sizing is inexact and I would not draw any conclusions based on an impression of how you believe you fit into clothes with a padded bra preoperatively. Also, perception is a very subtle thing and many patients forget very quickly how they actually appeared preoperatively. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon and be patient with yourself and with the outcome.

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