I am 19 years Old With Big Bags And Saggy skin under Eyes. What Kind Of Surgery Do I Need? (photo)

I am 19 years old. I have had visible eye bags since I was 17. I have allergies and my siblings do not have eye bags and my mother and father have eye bags while mine are way worse. they also did not have bags at my age. I have never seen anyone my age have these bags and its hurting my self esteem. People always assume im tired or havent slept or that im sick and lately i feel like i am ten times older then my age What surgical options do i have?

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Bags under eyes

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Hi. The dark circles are caused by a groove between your eyelid fat and cheek fat (nasojugal grooves). As you are very young the best way to improve these is using a dermal filler injected to fill up the groove. These are very safe, but are only temporary, lasting 4-6 months. You should always have something temporary first to see whether you like the effect. If you like the effect then there are longer lasting fillers, which can last up to 18 months or so. Regards Dr Charles Cope

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