Im 19 Years Old and I Need Full Mouth Implants. Would I Be Able To Secure A Payment Plan? (photo)

I've already had 5 teeth pulled. Almost everyone of my teeth have holes in them. 4 are broken. My whole bottom front teeth are revealing dentin. Ive be to several dentist. They say my jaw bone is rotting so I would have to have jaw surgery and replace all of my teeth with implants. One went so far as to ask my mom if I did meth or anything. I cannot afford this procedure and my insurance only covers $1000 a year. I was wondering if I would be able to get the work done and make payment plans.

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Full Mouth Dental Implants Payment Plan

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Actually the photo you show doesnt look too bad.  Why do you need so many teeth removed at your age?  It sounds like you have rampant decay and periodontal disease and bone loss from your writing.  You must make a comitment on your behalf as well to take care of the dental implants if that is the route you go.  They must be maintained just as if they were your natural teeth, if you dont they will fail.  As far as financing goes many offices offers CareCredit to finance procedures, but you must have good credit for this.  Most doctors accept credit card as well which you could make payments on.  Most doctors will not finance a procedure with a significant cost because there ids no recourse to get paid should the patient choose to stop making payments. This is why CareCredit and Chase Health Advantage and the like are available.  They are third party financing companies thta do just this

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