I'm a 19 year old male who has noticed over the past four months my hair has been falling?

It makes no sense because my father has most of his hair and my grandfather has all of his hair, and on my mothers side my grandfather and uncle are bald but have had thin hair thier whole life. However I have thick hair and it seems to be more severe on my left side. I have noticed that more recently in the shower theres been less hair on my hands but does that just mean the hair loss slowed down?

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Hair loss in 19 year old

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There are dozens and dozens of reasons for men to lose hair. For a precise answer and advice on treatment be sure to see a dermatologist or hair loss specialist. 

You have assumed here in your question that you have "genetic" hair loss. Indeed you may have genetic hair loss and that is the most common reason for men to have hair loss but there are many many other reasons you could be experiencing hair loss. 

If we assume it is genetic hair loss for a moment, it is absolutely critical to keep in mind that genetic hair loss can skip generations so a mom and dad can have good hair while a son develops hair loss. Also genetic hair loss is complex in how it displays itself. Just because a person's dad developed hair loss at 48 does not mean the son will develop it at 48. Unfortunately,  hair loss is far more complex than that. 

If you are concerned be sure to get an opinion on diagnosis and treatment from an expert. They can help sort things out and guide you in the correct direction. 

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