Im a 19 Year Old Guy That Would Like Female Looking Brests, and Thats 'It' No Regender is There Sutch a Thing?

im slim and about 5foot5 and would love to have boobs and only boobs.! no regender or anything just female looking breasts. i have been wanting breasts since i was 12 and now that i have thought about it and have reatched a good age i would like to go threw with it. so.. is it possible for me to just get female looking boobs? p.s not the musculer looking ones. atm i wear simulation boobs that strap to my chest but would like the real thing. thank you.

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No OTC medicine increases breast size in Men ! Stay away from supplements that claim that they can do this- it is a scam. If it worked it would have been tested and FDA approved for this usage.

Female Breasts

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This is a very interesting and real situation.  I spoke with Curtis Crane, MD who is well-respected and has a special interests in gender reassignment.  His response to your statement was as follows:  "The goal of most plastic surgeons is to reconstruct the abnormal to normal or enhance something that is already natural.  This request falls outside of both categories.  It is closest to the request of trans patients, however, those surgeries are considered reconstructive as gender dysphoria is a well studied entity where surgery is thought to make the patient more whole, as it orients the patients gender (brain) with the body.  As this patient explicitly states he is not transgendered, it falls outside of the guidelines most plastic surgeons consider ethical."

Feminizing the male chest

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Placing breast implants in males to feminize has been done for years and is not the major issue in the discussion. Since this is an operation with placement of foreign material, motivation and expectations need to be explored. A psychiatric evaluation is very important to evaluate the motivations prior to proceeding with a life changing procedure like this. I would do the same for a woman who wanted a breast aug for the wrong reason, boyfriend wants it, etc.

Breast Implants for Men?

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Thank you for the question.

I have had the opportunity to work with several men interested in breast implants (to feminize the chest wall).  This is a different situation from trans gender patients in transition and from men who are looking to augment their chest walls ( pectoralis implants).

Nevertheless, this subset of patients is somewhat uncommon;  it is very important to  understand patient motivation clearly and to educate  these patients about the long-term effects of having  feminized chest walls.


Best wishes.

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