19 Days out Breast Reduction with Low Grade Fevers, More Pain, Body and Headaches with Abdominal Problems. Possible Infection?

Had to return to hospital at 36 hours after surgery because of 100.6 temperature and fast heartrate. Had an another 24 hours of IV antibiotics followed by a week of medicine at home. Then I felt great with only Motrin. Then about 15 days out started having painful twinges wake me up in the middle of the night. Had to start taking Percocet again. Then started the low grade fevers and body aches at 17 days out. Incisions ok but gray and hard in areas, no red. Can't take pics on kindle. Infection?

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Late infection

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I am sorry you aren't feeling well.

I would say that it is unusual to have in infection this late out, but it certainly can happen. Without pictures it is difficult to say. If your incisions look ok and your breast is not red and hot, the only other possibility is that you may have a fluid collection that is deep inside your breast that is infected. You can tell this by doing an ultrasound scan.

I would strongly recommend that you go see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. He/she may want to start you back on antibiotics and or get a scan to rule out any fluid collections. You should be feeling better by now, not worse!!

I hope you feel better soon!!

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