18, Male - Small Neck Lift & Check Lift?

I have recently lost 35+ Pounds and my face has slimmed down allot but my Neck and Jaw line are undefined and my checks are a bit droopy. I'm only 18 not what you would call old but my face still has that roundness due to a little loss skin. I would like to have that chiseled look that most Males seem to have with the defined Neck and Jaw line with high cheeks. I was also wondering if this is done may it widen the length of my lips? I was hoping for opinions and cost rang, Thansk

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Concerned about my chin and neck following weight loss

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Congratulations on your successful weight loss. It is very rare that an 18 year old would benefit from any type of surgical lifting procedure in the face or neck. Lipocontouring of the neck can provide a very nice result if you have some residual fat in your neck and can create a nicely defined jawline and breakpoint in the neck. Dermal fillers may also provide a natural fullness in the face and be an option. I would make sure that you are exercising regularly as well. Consult with an experienced and qualified facial plastic surgeon for options.

Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nonsurgical options for younger patients

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It is unlikely that you would need a surgical lift at that age. There are other options including liposuction and or laser lipolysis to achieve some of the changes you are looking for. Fillers can be used in a variety of ways as well to achieve the more sculpted look that you are trying to achieve. I would be wary of over-aggressive treatments at your age. 

Ravi Dahiya, MD
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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18, Male - Neck lift and cheek lift?

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Congratulations on your weight loss and for taking the first step to leading a healthier lifestyle. It is not uncommon for the face to still appear full following general weight loss. Fat can be stubborn in this area, and if your face does not become more slim over time, there are minor surgical procedures that can help. To go from a full face immediately to a chiseled look is not realistic, but improvements can definitely be made. The best options for improving the appearance of the jawline and streamlining the profile are one or a combination of the following:

1) Submental/jowl liposuction
2) Chin augmentation

This will not have an effect on the appearance of your lips. I would not advise a necklift, as you are still very young and you have good skin elasticity. Cheek implants or injectables may be a possibility if you are a candidate, and photos and/or an exam would be necessary to tell for sure. I would recommend a consult with a qualified facial plastic surgeon, as he or she will be able to assess your needs in person and make recommendations for you. Cost can vary depending on the surgeon and what procedure(s) you may benefit from. I hope this helps!

Facial changes with weight loss

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It sounds like you would like several things changed following your weight loss which I congratulate you on.  An accurate plan and cost is not reasonable to expect with the complexity that you are requesting without a detailed physical exam.  Find a local board certified plastic surgeon and make an appointment- your questions should be easy to answer when you can interact with an experienced surgeon in person.

Facial surgery

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It would be helpful to see photos. You may be a good candidate for neck liposuction or a chin implant. Those are pretty standard procedures. just don't let yourself get talked into things like cheek implants or fat injections in your face.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Neck Lift in young male after weigh loss vs time

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Hello Eric, although  you do not mentioned how much time pass after this 35+ pounds loss,  the word "recently"  indicates that not too much, though.    Anyhow at your age, the skin will eventually adapt to the new facial contour, this retraction/adaption of the  facial  tissues sometimes takes as much as a year. As most  colleges did,  my recommendation:  Patience  and let time works. 

Best wishes

Ricardo Vega, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 48 reviews

18, Male - Small Neck Lift & Check Lift?

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 At 18, even after a 35 pound weight loss, the excess loose skin would most likely contract so no Neck Lift should be required.  Aesthetically speaking, you are corect that male faces appear more ruggedly handsome when they are angular and chiseled.  Cheek Implants along with Radiesse injections to the Mandilbe would make the face more angular.  We frequently use Perlane to augment the cheeks when Cheek Implants can't be used or are not desired by the patient.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Weight loss, age 18, neck lift

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the question is a good one but I would advise you there is no "rush" here.  there is plenty of time to allow your body to adjust to the weight loss and the tissues should normalize as you grow.  unless there is an actual genetic disorder of the skin or connective tissue I would wait and see how things resolve with time.

Michael A. Carron, MD
Detroit Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift or Necklift at 18?

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   After losing 35 lbs at your age, you would likely not need a neck or facelift.  Depending upon your needs, implants may be beneficial as well as liposuction.  Fillers may be useful as well.  Hard to say without pictures.

Options to improve face and neck in 18 year old

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Pictures would really be helpful to try and answer your question.  There are options to improve cheeks with either implants or fillers.  At your age of 18, I highly doubt that you would be a candidate for a neck lift.  Your skin should still have enough elasticity to improve after your weight loss.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 18 reviews

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