Is 1800cc a Good Amount Removed from Flanks and Abdomen Via ProLipo?

Hi, I had 1800cc's removed on my abdomin and flanks which were considerably big with the laser prolipo plus by sciton. Is that a good amount? I know its not 1800cc of pure fat because the solutions were sucked out also. thanks

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ProLipo of abdomen

Prolipo for me works best in mild to moderate areas of extra fat. Not having seen you, I can't answer if 1800 cc is a reasonable amount. Usually, I pick patients for this method of body contour enhancement that have 1000cc or less on the abdomen and 800cc or less on the hip/flank region. I tell my patients that the number one risk of having a liposuction type of body contour enhancement is that they will inevidently want more done. Hope that helps.

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