18 Years Old with Sagging Arms. Vasor Liposelection, Arm Lift or Venus Concept? (photo)

Im 18 years old and have lost about 100 ibs. Im 4'11 & weigh 130 ibs now.I have strech marks that have gone white all over my body.Will vasor lipo or venus concept be enough to treat my arms or is a full arm lift my ONLY answer??

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Arm Lift Options In Younger Patients

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It's not unusual for patients to develop loose saggy arm skin following massive weight loss. When this situation arises, a variety of treatment options are available to address this problem. The treatment chosen will depend upon a multitude of variables including the patient's anatomic findings, aesthetic goals, age and skin tone.

Although your pictures are helpful, it's virtually impossible to make a recommendation without a physical examination. The vast majority of patients who have lost 100 lbs. require an arm lift procedure to obtain an optimal aesthetic result. Exceptions do occasionally exist, especially in younger patients with good skin tone. In this group improved skin elasticity allows the skin to snap back. In younger patients, liposuction is occasionally a viable alternative.

If you're concerned about upper arm skin, it's appropriate to consult a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area. This surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic deformity and achieves your aesthetic goals.

Liposuction or Arm Lift after Massive Weight Loss

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   Usually an arm lift gives the best result after massive weight loss, but some patients such as yourself may be able to do liposuction alone.

Liposuction Effective For Arm Contouring in Young Patients

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Thank you for your question and photo.  Based on your age and skin quality you are a good candidate for vaser or laser liposuction.  This will give you an excellent contour and enough skin tightening to avoid an arm lift.  Good luck with your procedure. Hope this helps!

Arm lifting or Liposuction?

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Congratulations on your significant weight loss; you should be very proud of this accomplishment.

Although I cannot provide you with precise advice without direct examination, I would be worried about recommending arm lifting or liposuction surgery to you. I think that the scar resulting from arm lifting may be problematic ( for a patient with your "anatomy” and age). On the other hand, I think that liposuction surgery will  potentially be minimally effective  and/or leave you with loose skin.

 My best advice, without seeing you in person, would be to be very careful,  keeping in mind that sometimes it is best not to have any procedure performed.  If you do seek consultation, make sure it is with  a reputable well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.

Arm Lift vs. Venus Concept.

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Thanks for the question.  I would recommend liposuction at your age.  Although an arm lift is common for a person who has lost considerable weight, I think that your pictures tend to lead me to recommend liposuction.  If after the liposuction you still have some loose skin you could investigate Venus Freeze treatments.

Shaun Parson, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Treatment for sagging arms - armlift, vasor lipselection or venus concept

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At 18 years old, I would recommend laser liposuction only.  If your skin has some looseness after the liposuction has healed, consider treatments like SkinTyte or Thermage.  Best Wishes!!

18 Years Old with Sagging Arms. Vasor Liposelection, Arm Lift or Venus Concept?

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Based upon the posted photos and description you do not have a fat issue but you have excess skin issues. Only surgical excision and scar can help but at your age it is a decision only you can make. 

Arm lift or liposuction

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When your skin doesn't shrink back after weight loss, you can be sure that you have lost elasticity, and this is a poor marker for skin shrinkage after liposuction.
A full arm lift will reliably improve the arm contour, but the trade-off is a large incision and therefore, scar. Liposuction will remove the excess fat, but  is not too likely to result in skin shrinkage if that is your main goal. I wouldn't have a problem with trying the lipo if you understand that you may not get enough result.
Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Batwings after weight loss

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You have a mild to moderate deformity resulting from weight loss and loss of support.  Also, there is some redundant skin.

Your goals must be matched with your expectations and what you are willing to put up with.  An arm lift (brachioplasty) is am more powerful procedure in terms of achieving a result, but the down side is that the scars can be unsightly, the surgeon's best ability.  Lipotherme or UAL etc. can get you a good if not excellent result with minimal scars.  The lipo will not be able to achieve all that brachioplasty can, but I think the result should be good enough to make you happy.  It is also a lesser and less expensive procedure.

Mild batwing deformity can be treated by liposuction

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Fortunately your 'batwing' deformity (sagging arms) is reasonably mild and should respond to liposuction. It doesn't matter if it is 'Smart Lipo,' 'Vaser Lipo,' 'Venous Concept' or whatever 'lipo du jour' our more unscrupulous brethren are currently hawking to an unsuspecting and gullible public. Remember, it is not the tool, it is the person using it. A brachioplasty (arm lift) may be on the cards as you get older. Always choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience in treating your deformity.

J. Brian Boyd, MD
Rolling Hills Estates Plastic Surgeon
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