I'm 18 Years Old and Getting a Breast Reduction Tomorrow. Extremely Nervous? (photo)

My surgeon said since i'm 18, he doesn't want to touch my nipples really. I'm extremely self conscious about them because they are kind of big. He said he doesn't want to touch them for me in the future with breast feeding so he'll do an anchor procedure. Is he going to just keep them the same size or will he make them smaller to fit my new boobs? I'm a DDD or bigger. Plus will they be lifted since they are so low? Also any tips to relax or heal tips?

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Short Scar Breast Reduction and Lift

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Liposuction-Assisted Short-Scar Breast Reduction
Breast reduction surgery is one of the most satisfying procedures in plastic surgery. It not only improves the aesthetics of the breasts, but more importantly improves the quality of life for most women with debilitating heavy breasts.
Having large breasts may not correlate with the person’s weight, exercise activity, or age. Some women have very large breasts despite having a petite body, and this problem may present itself as early as puberty. When the breasts are that large, the person almost always have problems with her daily activities, difficulty exercising, issues with clothing and having difficulty finding proper clothes and bras, constant neck and back pain, and the list goes on. When the breasts are that large, they always go south with gravity, so the poor patient not only carries the weight of these breasts on her chest 24/7, but these weights drag her further down due to sagging. Trying to retain them in place often requires hard-to-find supportive bras, and even these bras cannot correct the problem, often causing bra strap marks on shoulders, causing shoulder grooving on the skin. When they are heavy and saggy, some develop rash underneath their breasts due to constant moisture.  
Besides the above debilitating symptoms, large breasts almost always come with sagginess, large areolas, and loss of upper breast/chest wall fullness due to heavy breasts hanging down low. So the ladies with really big breasts not only suffer from associated debilitating symptoms but also are not happy with the look of their breasts.
Breast reduction surgery (a well done) will improve the patient’s symptoms dramatically, even as early as next day after surgery. Their neck /back pain gets better, with time shoulder grooving gets hollow, rash under the breast improves, they start exercising without carrying big weights around their shoulders, and they start sleeping better (on their belly maybe for the first time for a long time, since those big balloons would prevent them even being on their belly comfortably).
We have been mentioning how big breasts could cause physical problems as well as unpleasant cosmetic appearance, and how breast reduction surgery may make wonders to correct those issues, however patients should study and know their options when it comes to breast reduction surgery technique. The goal is not to have a mastectomy for cancer, the goal is to reduce the size of the breasts to a more comfortable volume while improving the look of the breasts at the same time. There are basically two main techniques for breast reduction. One of them is called “traditional breast reduction with anchor-shape scar”. This technique is also called “inferior pedicle technique” or “inverted T scar technique”, and in our opinion should be abandoned. Unfortunately this technique is used by more than 80% of plastic surgeons in the country, and is the main technique taught in residency programs. During my training, I had vast experience with this technique, and as a matter of fact, I published articles in plastic surgery literature about this technique to improve its outcome. The old-school anchor-shape technique may and will improve the patient’s symptoms with big breasts, however gives patients unpleasant cosmetic outcome. The symptoms improve due to reducing breast size, but end cosmetic result with this technique is high nipples and saggy bottom part of breast, which is called pseudoptosis. The breast has a boxy appearance with being wide, and short due to upper breast being flat. Also the patient ends up having very long incisions from almost armpit to sternum (breastbone). The plastic surgeons performing this technique may be very talented; however the cosmetic result will be the same (suboptimal) as long as this technique is used even in best hands.
The relatively newer technique is called “short-scar breast reduction”, or other name is “Lollipop breast reduction”. This newer technique not only limits the length of the incision dramatically, but also gives natural, round breasts with nice projection and upper pole fullness. The patients get the same benefits of reduction of the breast and improvement of symptoms, but at the same time they love their breasts a lot more, and enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror. This short-scar technique can be applied even to the biggest breast reductions despite the traditional belief of this technique being challenging for very large breast reductions. At Plastic Surgery Institute & Spa, we exclusively use short-scar technique with very high patient satisfaction (ceydeli.com/gallery for before and after results). With this technique, the breast tissue is removed mainly from the bottom and lateral (outer) part of breast (since this is the heavy, saggy part of the breast), and the upper part of breast is not removed, so the patient can have the desired fullness on the upper chest (Traditional anchor shape technique gives hollowness to the upper chest). We also incorporate liposuction to our short-scar breast reduction cases to keep the incision even shorter and to improve the cosmetic outcome even more. Instead of extending the incision, we use the thin liposuction canula to reduce the breast tissue from difficult to reach areas of breast, like axilla (armpit region). We are able to define the borders of breasts much better with addition of liposuction, so cosmetic outcome is improved. That’s why we call our technique “Liposuction-Assisted Short-Scar Breast Reduction”, and in our opinion it is the gold standard for breast reduction surgery, of course if the best cosmetic outcome is seeked.

Panama City Plastic Surgeon

Breast Reduction and Nipple Areola Complexes Not Touched?

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    A breast reduction in almost every case requires an incision around the nipple areola complexes.   The nipple areola complex need not be reduced in size in every case.

Nervous before Breast Reduction?

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Communication with your plastic surgeon is one of the keys to a successful outcome. Generally speaking, patients should understand that they have a right to know about exactly what procedure is planned  and what the potential risk/complications of the planned procedure are.  

Based on your question, it sounds like you will benefit from more time spent with your plastic surgeon discussing your goals as well as the planned procedure. Make sure you are both on the same page before proceeding.

 Best wishes.

Breast reduction for 18 yr old

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Communication is key.  Don't know if you have had your procedure or not.  I have many teen age patients and the technique I use is different.  It is important to reduce and reshape the breast.  I would recommend the short scar technique as less scar is better.  The nipple areola area needs to be treated as part of the breast.  With the technique I use, breast feeding is more than likely to be possible.

Jeffrey Ditesheim, MD, FACS
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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I'm 18 Years Old and Getting a Breast Reduction Tomorrow. Extremely Nervous?

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You definitely have a failure to communicate and this could lead to a poor result or unhappiness in the planned operation. A true reduction/lift DOES "touch" the N/A complexes so I do not understand what your chosen surgeon is reeling to you. Best to cancel operation or delay until you are both on the same page. 

Nipples need to be lifted in breast reduction.

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I don't understand what "not touching the nipples" means.  Of course they have to be touched (raised, made smaller) for you to have a good result, and this is safe.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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