18 Year Old and Wanting Breast Implants, Is it True they Could Potentially Grow More on Their Own?

I had a baby at the young age of 16 years old. Now i am married and in my own apartment. I am 18 now and after breastfeeding I am not confident about my breasts at all. Before I breastfed I was a large C, which I was ok with. Now I'm a small B. I was reading up on "teens and implants" and it said that it was not a good idea because your breasts continue to grow. Is this a true statement in my situation I was larger before I had a baby so it doesn't make sense that i would grow any more naturally

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Implants and teens

If your breasts deflated after childbirth, you are a candidate for implants. It is uncommon for your breasts to still grow. This usually only happens with weight gain or pregnancy.

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Breast Growth

Dear Babydoll,
In general, breasts will stop 'growing' when all other hormone related phenomenon from puberty stop changing. Some women have early puberty and early finishing of these changes, and some women have later and a more prolonged course. However, any changes to hormone levels, such as in pregnancy, nursing, etc. can change breasts, OCP may change growth, certain tumors may affect growth, weight gain will affect size, etc. The breast is composed of the breast gland that grows related to hormone levels of estrogen and prolactin as well as other hormones, but some women's breast tissue have more 'hormone receptors' than other women's and thus are more sensitive to hormone levels. That is why the hormone creams etc do not work on someone who naturally have smaller breasts because they are less sensative to hormones. In addition, the breast is also composed of fat tissue which grows and shrinks with weight gain and loss. So there is no simple answer here. It sounds like you had an early and short puberty and thus it seems unlikely that your breasts will grow. Only time will tell. It is common for breasts to shrink after nursing and uncommon that they would grow again until pregnancy.  If you are deflated and are uncomfortable with your breast and do not planning on getting pregnant again for a while, then I would consider breast augmentation.
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Breast implants

Breast implants are an option if your breast have deflated. If you are considering having more children, then I would probably wait.    if your are not, you probaly want to wait until you stop breast feeding and your weight has gotten back down to your goal.

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Breast Augmentation

It is unlikely your breast will grow at your age.  Commonly breasts become smaller after becoming a "mommy".  Hence the term "Mommy Makeover".  Let your tissue recover and settle down, and then decide on sizes.

An interesting study was done among women who underwent breast implantation. Initially, many of the women were shocked by the change and felt they had made a terrible mistake because their breasts were too large. Six months after surgery, 90 percent of the women said they were okay with the size. One year later, 90 percent wished the implants were larger. So I counsel my patients that one year after the operation, there is a 90 percent chance they will wish they had had bigger implants.


All the best!  "Dr. Joe"

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Breast feeding and breast implants

In your case I do not think the breasts will grow unless you gain significant amounts of weight. The more important issue is if you decide to get breast augmentation you need to allow sufficient time for the milk producing machinery to completely turn off. If you do the surgery too soon after you stop breast feeding you will turn the milk producing machinery back on which can cause problems with the implant.

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Breast Augmentation for 18-year-old?

Thank you for the question.

Timing of breast augmentation surgery should be individualized patient by patient. Since you have had a child and your breasts have changed after pregnancy you may very well be a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery. If you are considering having more children in the near future you may want to wait on breast surgery.

You will be best served to consult with  well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons when the timing is right for you.

Best wishes.

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