18 Veneers Placed. Bite Adjustment, Yes; Will a Night Guard Be Permanent?

I am committed to restoring Oganic Occlusion and temporarily using a night guard / splint as needed to attain that goal as well as to allow for muscles / nerves to relax. However, am I correct in that, with organic occlusion a night guard would not only not be necessary beyond a few weeks but would likely be detrimental and cause dependence on the same?

Doctor Answers 1

Probably it will

First lets see why you decided to get veneers, are you a grinder? or it was a personal choice for aesthetic reasons? Either way  the nightguard is used to protect your veneers from your natural grinding forces that you use at night when you cant control them, this will prevent your knock off your own veneers with your own teeth if you grind. Ask your dentist about the reasons.

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