18 days post op of pannilectomy/muscle repair- started to bleed last night and won't stop- should I be worried? (photo)

I had my pannilectomy/muscle repair 16 days ago. Everything has been great. 2 days ago I decided to was ok enough to go to my daughter soccer game- Anyways I was in quite a bit of pain before bed- my husband was helping me adjust binder- but when we took it off part of the scab pulled off and I haven't stopped bleeding since- that was last night. It's not a ton of blood it drips and when I stand it poors out more- thick red/brown blood-should I go to the hospital? Can't call dr as holiday?

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Postop bleeding

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I don't know why you think you can't call your doctor on a holiday. That is why God invented pagers and cell phones. You should contact your plastic surgeon, describe the bleeding and follow his instructions. Dripping and pouring are not the same thing; you have used both words to describe the bleeding. Even if your doctor's office is closed, there is no reason why he can't meet you there or at a hospital for evaluation. I will add that, if you go to an emergency room for the consequences of a cosmetic procedure, don't expect your insurance company to pick up the tab. Many policies expressly exclude this.

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