I Am 18 (Almost 19) and I Have a Problem with my Teeth?

I never was a good brusher as a kid due to a sensory disorder and the feeling of not only the brush but even the toothpaste would drive me insane. Now that I am older it still bothers me but I do it. The thing is the dentist says I have little to no enamel left on my teeth causing my teeth to chip and break even during brushing. They do fillings and what not but the fillings even break off. They just do the same filling over and over and never cap. What should I do? Will I ever have good teeth?

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Fixing teeth with lost enamel.

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Some photos would be helpful here to see if this problem is limited to a few teeth or all of them. It's also important to determine the cause of the weak enamel: tooth decay, tooth grinding, acid erosion from reflux or some type of eating disorder, or genetic. Once the cause is determined, treatment options will be easier to decide upon.

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Bad teeth?

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Yes you can have nice teeth... remember even if you spend a lot of money and do crowns, if you don't brush floss and take care of your teeth your teeth will still break down underneath the crowns or filling good luck consider a home F+ such as prevident Neutraguard or control RX good luck




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