Lower Lid Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I'm Looking for a doctor around my "area" 17701 PA, that has done fat transfers to the under eye. I'm missing all the fat under my eyes due to a childhood accident. I've had restylane injections only for mediocre results. Looking for better and more permanent results. Also it looks like my upper lid is starting to sag and I'm developing crows feet after all these years of applying make up. These pictures are after the injections

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Fat grafting is effective for volume restoration around the eye

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Its difficult to tell if you have upper lid ptosis based on the way that you took your photos - that's a separate issue that can be evaluated in a clinical setting. You appear to have typical tear troughs and very mild malar volume shifting. This is a cosmetic issue. The amount of volume that you would benefit from around your eyes could be provided by a fat transfer procedure.

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