Is 17 Too Young to Be Considered for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm 17 years old and I'm a stern believer that I'm physically and emotionally able to proceed with this procedure, I'm pretty self accepting and I don't think unrealistically about results or about enduring any other procedures throughout my lifetime. - That being said, because of my age do you think that other surgeons might immediately check me off as an unreliable candidate for this procedure? Also if you wouldn't check me as a liable candidate what age would be most appropriate to you?

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The Right Age For A BBL?

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Thank you for your question! I would wait till you are at least 18 years old, although you are not even done growing.  I would wait. Best of luck!
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My response to you is have you discussed your wishes with your parents and are they consenting to your wishes also. They need to be with you all the way and you really need to be a mature 17 year old to meet the indications for the procedure

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Brazilian butt lift for under aged patients

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At my practice I would be ok with performing a Brazilian butt lift on a seventeen year old as long as she brings a parent to consent. A patient’s maturity level and physiology is more important than their age. Any patient under eighteen years old legally needs a parent to consent for them and many surgeons may not be willing to operate on under aged patients. If this is a problem in your specific situation the bright side is you only have to wait one year.  

Jaime Perez, MD
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Is 17 years old too young for a BBL?

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I never place a strict minimum age limit on any cosmetic procedure simply based on age. It has to do with physical and emotional maturity. While some surgeons will not even see you in consultation until you are 18, others of us think it is important to understand your specific situation. You will need a parent or guardian with you for the consultation and to give consent for any procedure. Make sure that you find a board certified plastic surgeon who does several BBLs per week. This may not be easy to find, which is why many patients travel for this surgery. Good luck to you. I have many young patients and understand that cosmetic surgery can truly be life-changing and is much more than simply about vanity.

Age Requirement for Butt Lift

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If you fully understand the risks, benefits and alternatives to Brazilian butt lift and if you have realistic expectations about the results, I see no reason why you can't have the surgery.  You will need to have your parent or guardian give permission though until you are 18.

17 year old for Brazilian buttlift?

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       18 is the typical answer, but there are many reasons that operating on a younger individual may be appropriate including correcting a deformity.  I would say that a 17 year old is extremely malleable and responds very quickly to exercise regimens, while a 45 year old who has been working out for 10 years is far less likely to improve their physique with conventional measures.

Is 17 years of age too young to have a BBL?

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Choosing an age for cosmetic surgery is not always easy. Generally speaking rhinoplasty can be performed in the teenage yaers and ear pinning earlier on. When it comes to body contouring the concensus is to wait until age 18. There are a number of factors involved in preferring this age including physical and mental and psychological maturation. But this age is not etched in stone and at times one can consider performing surgey before 18. But you need a comprehensive evaluation by a Board Certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience perfoming the BBL and with your parents presence at the consultation and with their  consent. Good luck! 

Some Teenagers Are Appropriate Candidates For Aesthetic Procedures

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The topic of teenage cosmetic surgery is very controversial.  There are many considerations including maturity level, parental support, whether the procedure will impact psychological health and body image positively.  Teenage patients do very well after rhinoplasty, some breast augmentations and ear pinning or earlobe repair procedure.   I would agree that in a well adjusted, appropriately motivated teenager with parental support, correcting gluteal or buttock flattening can be very beneficial for improving body image.  Careful and thorough consultation is indicated. In some cases, consultation with a psychologist to confirm that the motivation is appropriate is also very helpful to make all concerned more comfortable.  Best wishes on you journey!

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