At 17, Would It Be Better to Take a Keloid off Surgically or Keep Injecting It?

I am 17 and my mom has been worried about my keloid on my upper part of my chest on my breast bone we went to the doctors yesterday and they injected steroid The keloid sting when I wear my necklaces so I would end up taking them off.

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Keloids over the chest bone area are tough to treat and the risk of recurrence is high.

I would recommend a few more sessions of Kenalog to see if there is any response. You may also consider silicone gel therapy.

Other options are excision with Kenalog injection, excision and skin grafting, or used less commonly, excision with radiotherapy.

Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

At 17, would it be better to take a keloid off surgically or keep injecting it

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Inject until there is no response. Than I would consider POSSIBLE excision but the risks of a double the size keloid is real.


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