I am 17 years old and pregnant. I was on acutane for about a year but I only rememberd to take the accutane about once a week?

The last time I took a pill was anywhere in between 3 weeks to 2 months. I don't remember clearly at all and wasn't keeping track although I should have been. I am worried that my baby will be born with some birth defects. What are the chances since I wasn't taking them everyday?

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Accutane and pregnancy don't mix

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Accutane is a black label drug meaning you absolutely cannot get pregnant while you are taking it. Since you have no idea when you took the medication and when you didn't (also, this is bad medication management!), it is impossible to tell you if you will or won't have a healthy baby. Just know that Accutane is a black label medication for any dosage so if you took it and got pregnant, the likelihood is high for birth defects.

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