Im 17 Year Old and I Have 8 Keloids on my Body I Just to Know What Would Be the Best Treatment for Permanent Removal?

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Scars on Body

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Scars can be improved  but can never be permanently removed.  Keloid correction varies depending on location on body.   You would need to take photos and post location of the scar.  A scar on the foot does much better than a scar on the shoulder.   A scar in mid chest is very difficult to improve.   Time will make scars better but not always.   Injection of steroid may help some scars.  Silicone paste will help some scars.   BioCorneum helps some scars because of its silicone paste content.  Other preparations help pigmented scars.   Scars can be improved but never removed.  My Best,  Dr C

Keloid treatment

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The first stage treatment for keloids would be steroid injection. This can improve the scarring but will not permanently remove it.  Surgical excision has a high risk of recurrence as well so the goal in treating keloids is improvement, not their eradication.

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