17 Year Old in Dire Need of Revision Rhinoplasty Advice? (photo)

In august 2011 I got surgery to fix a deviated septum/saddle nose, and got some rib put in my nose to fix the saddle/provide support. Now it's so uneven and has a big bump. My doctor said he can either shave off the bump and fix some other things (my uneven nostrils, etc) or build up my tip more with ear cartilage and make my nose more projected so the bump doesnt show. He thinks shaving it off would make my nose too small, but it's less expensive and would heal faster. Any suggestions? 

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Cost and quality of result

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I really am not a fan of selecting a less expensive option in revision rhinoplasty. I think you want to make sure you get a great result and that the possibility of a great result is not affected by the cost of the operation.  I am not naive in knowing that cost is a real factor, but you do not want to look back and think  - "I should have done something different."  Its always best to do the best for yourself.  I would get several opinions before proceeding.  Find real experts that are recognized for their secondary work.

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