I Have Visibly Very Flat Left Cheekbone Since Birth. Because of It I Have Also Uneven Eyes? (photo)

Please dont tell me everyone is assymetric in different ways and such things - I know it. I am just frustrated of my face appearance and I beg you for objective suggestions. I am considering Metacrill, which is allegedly permanent. Is there any filler more suitable? Can be cheekbone repositioned on right place? Is there anything safe or quite safe to solve my problem and match my eyes and cheekbones? I dont want look like Picasso painting anymore.

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Correcting Uneven Cheeks and Eyes

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Remember, that people are looking at your eyes almost 100% of the time when they are interacting with you. So getting the eyelids more symmetrical will go a long way towards influencing how people perceive your face -- and would be the easiest way to achieve this goal.

Making the boney structure of the mid and/or lower face more symmetrical is a daunting task for any surgeon. I would strongly advise against injecting anything permanent into your face as it is impossible to remove if you don't like the effect -- or if it causes any other problems. Placing surgical implants in the cheek area and perhaps along the jawline is an option, but at your age, one would have to wonder how things would look many years from now since these implants would not change as your natural anatomy does, and may even shift and/or migrate over time -- and may even erode the bone that they sit on.

I know you don't want to hear it, but if you were my son, I would recommend trying as hard as you can to accept your face (and perhaps even learn to love it) the way it is. I don't think Picasso would have been able to sell a painting that looks as normal as you.

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Facial asymmetry/ flat cheekbone correction

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Hello 'qwertz', thanks for your question. There are many reasons for facial asymmetry. It is true that everyone has some degree of facial asymmetry, including Brad Pitt and George Clooney. There are various degrees and severities of facial asymmetry, which can be congenital, post-traumatic, or hereditary. Romberg syndrome is a form of progressive facial lipodystrophy that is usually more severe than your photo implies. A good physical examination can determine whether your asymmetry is bony, soft tissue, or a combination. If your cheek depression is due to a bony deformity, there are anatomic silicone implants or bone grafting that can be placed to restore the contour. If your zygoma (bone) is OK and it is mostly a soft tissue deficiency, then there is a variety of soft tissue filler products that can be used to augment and fill in your cheek region. The simpliest with the least downtime would be filling the area with a product such as Radiesse, Juvederm, or Restylane, which is an office procedure with minimal recovery time. These last usually 9 months to a year. If you want a permanent, natural augmentation, then fat grafting would be your best option. This does require an operative procedure and downtime of a couple weeks, but you would have a nice, soft and permanent result. Be sure you seek consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Good luck!


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