17 Days Post Op Lower Body Lift - Drain Site Still Open 4 Days After Removal of Drain?

I am 17 days post op of lower body lift. I had my last set of drains removed 4 days ago and one drain site closed up immediately. The other drain site is still wide open and I have to tape surgical bandages to the area because of the amount of fluid that is still coming out. I am not in pain and do not have a fever, but wonder if this is still normal? I'm concerned because my doctor said both drain sites should close in 24-48 hours.

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Open drain site

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This usually means the tissue inside has not stuck down. As long as the fluid is not purulent, there is no unusual redness and no fever, then the drainage will slow down in the next few das to weeks and eventually the hole will close.

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Post Body Lift Drain Site

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Thank you for your question. Usually the sites closes up in 24-48 hours, but sometimes, the norm is not accurate and this can drain for 7-10 days, but only rarely. Monitor and keep your surgeon in the loop. I hope this helps.

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Body lifts can cause a significant amount of inflammation which causes tissue fluid to build up under your skin. It is not uncommon to have the drains persist for a few weeks and even to have the skin holes stay open. If there is a foul smell or redness you should see your surgeon urgently otherise I suspect it will improve soon

Drains and exit site

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If you have persistent fluid draining then that may be a reason why the wound has not closed.  Follow closely with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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