17 Days Post Op and Still Draining 45cc's Per Day After Tummy Tuck. Does a Vegan Diet and Large Weightloss Inhibit Recovery?

I'm 17 days post op and my left day is still putting out approx 40-45cc's per day.I pretty much sit elevated in bed all day hoping that it will slow down faster. My right drain is only 15cc's per day.I'm concerned whether this is unusual to even still have drains in for this long. Im a vegan and wondering if that in anyway may slow my recovery.Also Prior to surgery I lost about 75lbs (Which I've kept off for about 3 years). Does any of this explain why I'm still draining this much fluid?

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Still draining after tummy tuck

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This is not at all unusual so don't be worried.  At my practice we take drains out when either one is less than 25cc/day of drain output.  In that case, your right drain would be out now, but we would still leave in the left one until it is also less than 25cc per day.  Surgeons all have a different method for determining when to remove these drains so stick with what your surgeon recommends. There is never anything wrong with leaving them in longer, rather than taking them out too soon and having fluid build up in the abdomen.

You may be draining more than usual due to your large amount of weigh loss recently.  That is not a problem at all and you are likely much better off for having lost all that weight before surgery.  Congratulations.  Hope this helps.

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Weight loss patients drain longer

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When your fat stores were greater your body created more lymphatic channels in the extra fat.  When you lost the weight the lymphatics didn't go away so all weight loss patients drain longer than non-weight loss patients.  Stick with your drains as directed by your doctor, this is not unusual at all.

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