Will Laser Scar Removal Affect my Ovaries?

when i was 16 yrs old .. i had a ovarian cyst removal surgery which left an ugly scar in my abdomen .. so m thinkinn to do a laser to remve ths scar .. but m scared of it effect on tha ovaries .. can u plz help me n give me a full deatails abt ths ..

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Dangers of laser scar removal

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The scar removal and scar enhancement lasers do not penetrate through the tissue and do not have any theoretical risk of injury to underlying organs.

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Will laser scar removal affect the ovaries

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Lasers do not penetrate beneath the skin so will not affect the ovaries or any other internal organs.  Lasers emit light energy which is very safe, not carcinogenic or mutagenic such as X-rays or radiation.  There are many different laser procedures which would help improve the appearance of your scar but you need to be careful to have the procedures performed by a qualified and experienced specialist.  In the wrong hands, the scar could end up looking much worse.  Ask how many procedures the physician has performed, make sure they are experienced with your skin type (ethnic or darker skinned patients do not react the same as lighter skinned patients), and ask to see before and after photos.

M. Christine Lee, MD
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It should not, but...

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First off, no laser will completely remove a scar per se.  There are lasers that can help improve the appearance of a scar. 

Next, most lasers do not go any deeper than the dermis.  Therefore, a laser would not go deep enough to affect your ovaries.  Lasers do not emit harmful radiation either; so there would not be an effect with this as well.

Brent Spencer, MD
Frisco Dermatologic Surgeon

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