I Am 16 Years Old, Have Saggy Droopy Eyelids That's Effecting my Vision and Make Me Look Older, Do I Need Lift? (photo)

i look older than what i try to lift my eyelids up and see could it stay that way but it comes back than it makes me look madder and tired my parents all ready approved of me getting surgery for it but i am just worrying could i get a eyelid lift

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Saggy, droopy eyelids making one look older than age

From the pictures which you have provided, I could not determine your marginal reflex distance (MRD1). This is very important to see if your upper eyelids droopiness is also causing your visual fields defect beside making you look older and "madder," as you state. Upper eyelid lift definitely can help with enhanced brighter appearance and may improve visual field as well. One has to examine you to determine what kind of options can be used to address your concerns.

Houston Oculoplastic Surgeon
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I've never done elective cosmetic eyelid surgery any 16-year-old.

The heaviness of your lids is congenital not due to aging. Upper eyelid surgery is fairly straightforward. However, it will change the appearance of your face and it is the responsibility of your parents to sign the consent for the operation.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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