Im 16 Years Old but Have Bad Fat Pockets Below my Eyes and They Make Me Look So Ugly?

Hey im 16 year old and the only thing I hate about my face is these face pockets under my eyes and above my cheekbones.please please tell me they will go away on there on cause I cant afford surgery,im a african american male by the way.

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Fat prolapse

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Lower eyelid fat prolapse can be a hereditary feature in some patients at a very young age. This can be addressed surgically, but most surgeons would want to wait till you are 18 years old to address this.

Futhermore, if you are not able to afford surgery, then dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane or Boletero may be a less expensive option.

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16 year old with fat pockets below eyes

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It's difficult to give you precise advice without a picture, but it is possible for a 16 year old to have bags under the eyes, as it is sometimes a hereditary issue.  Since you are most likely still growing, there may still be some change and improvement to your under eye area as you age.  I most likely would recommend waiting another two years and re-evaluate your appearance at that point.  If there is still an issue with puffiness under the eyes, then surgery could be done to improve it.  The other treatment option would be possibly using a filler like Restylane to inject under the bag to improve the appearance.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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