I'm a 16 Year Old Female, I've Had a Droopy Eyelid on my Right Eye for Years Now, but Now It's Happening to my Left Recently?

Before it started happening, on my left eye, it looked like it was beaten up (reddish color) and I still don't know what that is. I asked my mom and she told me it was just my veins, but I know veins are blue and green, not red. So I'm just very curious on what's happening to me. I've Googled about droopy eyes and read that it can happen due to the loss of brain cells. Could that be true? I tend to forget things a lot and I can be dumb a lot and not understand something so simple. What do I do?~

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Go see an ophthalmologist

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it's really difficult to be helpful in this case as we cannot see your photos let alone perform a physical exam. Additionally your history sounds somewhat complicated and there may be some medical causes that need to be ruled out.

I will attach some information below

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