Are These Lines on my Face and Under my Eyes? (photo)

Im 16, What Are These Lines on my Face and Under my Eyes? How Can I Get Rid of Them Without Surgery?

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Eye shadows at 16

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Thank you for your question about the lines and shadows under your eyes.

  • the dark lighting of the photograph is creating a look that is not the real you,
  • your lower lid is smooth, normal and youthful,
  • concealer creams can be used if you are self-conscious,
  • avoid the sun, wear sunglasses, get plenty of sleep to keep your youthful look,
  • It's hard being sixteen - we focus on our looks now more than in the past as we start to grow into our adult selves. 
  • Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Normal Anatomy

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You have normal lines and shadows around your eyes.  The best advice I can give you since you are young to avoid true wrinkles and skin damage is NOT to go to TANNING BEDS and to to USE SUNSCREEN (SPF 30 or greater).

Best Wishes

Dr. ES

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