Restylane for Undereye Hollows on 16-year-old?

I am 16 and i have under eye hollows that i HATE! i don't even think i could afford to get restylane but i still want it and is it smart to get at a young age? i ask people and they say they are not bad but i always see them in the mirror and i just want to cry. how much is it and is it smart?

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16 and under eye hollows

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I think that at 16 you are probably too young to consider filler material for udner eye hollows. You are probably still growing as well.

You can use Restylane for under-eye hollow

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You can use Restylane for under-eye hollows. And, regardless of the age of the patient, there’s no difference in the way Restylane works. But, most physicians will not do cosmetic procedures to people under the age of 18, unless it’s for treating a deformity or a problem related to the facial structure.

Under eye hollows

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don't rush into any treatment until you and your parents visit with more than one plastic surgeon. Fillers would have to be repeated and there is a risk of lumpiness.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Restylane for eyelid

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It sounds like you are a good candidate for filler (restylane) for 'undereye' hollows.  It can have dramatic, immediate effect.  It is safe and reversible.  Good luck.

Dr T.

Treating under eye hollow.

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I would advise you to undergo this procedure at this age. This is a short term correction and you should discuss these issues with your physician first.

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