I Am 16 Days Post Op from a Tummy Tuck with Lipo and Have a Quarter Size Hole?

around 10 days when a lot of liquid began coming out . They said it was normal and good that it was happening. I lost my balance and fell on the couch that night more liquid then ever came out so much my entire panties were soaked and pants when I came to notice. The next morning I noticed a hole .. U went to the dr they said it has to heal from inside out now and I have to pack it two to three times .I'm scared will this heal sometime soon? What can I do to speed up the process ? Will it keep opening?

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Incisional wounds after tummy tucks take time to heal.

From your description of events, it sounds as though you had a fluid collection which evacuated through the skin. The resulting "hole" or wound will close in over time. Packing the wound allows for egress of any fluid and prevents a repeat of fluid drainage. It is often disconcerting to have to address a wound like this, but time should show closure from the inside out. Things one can do to improve the rate of healing include mainting a healthy diet with plenty of protein, and including vitamin C and zinc supplementation (or simply an 8 oz glass of OJ every day).

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Holepost tummy

This soemtimes can happen and should heal given enough time.The fluid collection is a seroma and soemtimes happens.Be patient,all will be well.

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I Am 16 Days Post Op from a #Tummy Tuck with #Lipo and Have a Quarter Size Hole? ANS:

This can happen and fortunately is pretty rare. And when it does it requires a lot of patience and faith in your surgeon. It may in fact, get a little bigger and need more packing until it stops...and starts getting smaller. The great news is that it will  be more of a nuisance than a problem and eventually, your surgeon can touch this up and in most cases, it looks as good as it would have without the setback!!!!!

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Drainage and a hole after tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

It is not uncommon to have a small opening after a tummy tuck.  When this happens it is preferrable to allow healing from the inside out.  What we get concerned about is why there is a hole: was there some vascular compromise that interferes with wound healing?  If so is there deep tissue compromise and fat necrosis?  What will the scar look like? Will ther be puckering or dimpling?


Once you have completely healed your doctor will probably recommend scar massage and moisturizers to help the scar mature.  When you have reached plateau a revision may be needed to repair any irregularities.

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Draining Post Abdominoplasty With Liposuction Not Uncommon

I completely understand your concerns.  Fortunately, your problem is not uncommon.  The treatment your plastic surgeon is following is appropriate.  Your quarter size hole should heal shortly, and I doubt seriously that it will open again.  Your body produces fluid after a tummy tuck which sometimes is not resorbed.  When this fluid finds its way to the outside, that actually is a good thing because it can get packed, and then your body's normal healing processes will close this small hole and the tunnel leading up to it.  Fortunately, this rarely leads to any extra scarring.  Packing more often may speed the process.  This suggestion and all your concerns should be brought to your plastic surgeon. 

Tummy Tuck with Lipo, Now I Have a Quarter Size Hole.

It is not a rare thing to have drainage after the drains have been removed following a tummy tuck. The fall may have contributed to this small amount of wound breakdown. 

This will heal and it sounds like the measures recommended by your surgeon are appropriate. Expect this to take several weeks to fully close, and once closed it should remain healed. That part of the incision may stay red and thin a bit longer than the rest, but it is not likely to compromise the outcome. 

Thanks for the question, best wishes.

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Draining is normal to happen after a tummy tuck. It sounds like you’re doing a wet to dry treatment which is the same treatment we use in our practice. It will heal with time make sure you keep it clean and in tacked. Follow your PS instructions to the T. It can take a few weeks to up a month for it to completely heal. To help it speed it up you can do the process 3-4 times a day.


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Open Wound after Tummy Tuck

I am sorry to hear of your wound healing issues.   Unfortunately your body was retaining alot of fluid that made its way to your skin incision.   Although the open wound is unfortunate, it serves a large purpose by draining the fluid collection.    If it was not drained, you may form a seroma cavity or abscess, which can very difficult to treat and correct.   


With proper nutrition, careful woundcare, and close followup with your plastic surgeon; you should expect this to fully resolve over 4-6 weeks.   I wish you a safe recovery.

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