Can botox reduce the Masseter skin that has thickened as a result of braces and retainers?

15y old daughter Wore braces. After 10months teeth straight. Wears retainers at night but left masseter skin thickened.

Should she stop wear retainers at night, will botox reduce the masseter skin wall that has thickened. The cause was tension building near cheek and jawline during night, not lettng the cheek to relax causing the cheek to look a little swollen

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Botox masseter reduction

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Botox will not change the cheek skin in any way, shape or form. If your daughter's masseter muscle is thickened it can be reduced with Botox treatment. Whether or not she is a candidate can be assessed during an office consultation. The treatment itself is safe in experienced hands. A small amount of bruising (usually pinpoint) is the most frequent problem after treatment.

Thick Masseter Muscle after braces

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If the braces caused the masseter muscle hypertrophy then removing the braces should alleviate the problem.
I have never used Botox or any other neurotrophic agent for this purpose.

Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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