15 Days Post Op My Left Implant Isn't Moving Like the Right. Should I Worry?

I had round implants removed from over the muscle +a capsulectomy performed both sides as left was a baker 3 + right baker 4 capsule, implants replaced under muscle with anatomical shape! On the night of the op I opened the toilet door in hospital, door was heavy+ I got muscle pain in my left breast,my left breast is sore cleavage side! Left implant does not move yet right implant moves freely surgeon isn't worried but I am! 4days in hospital with drains2reduce chance of capsule contracture!

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One breast soft, the other not moving

Dear Angelfx, since you have had bilateral capsular contractures before, you shoud be on a prophylactic  leukotriene inhibitor, like Accolate, to help reduce your risk of re-encapsulation.  Talk to your doctor if he/she has not started you on this.  Additionally, I have all of my patients have external ultrasound treatments to the firmer breast, and wear a breast strap to put pressure, as these measures have all been shown to assist in prevention and treatment of capsular contracture. Good luck!

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Difference in Breasts after Surgery

Thank you for the question.  Based on your history I'm not surprised that you are “worried”.

At your stage of  recovery some breast asymmetry (visual or by palpation)  is to be expected.  Only time will tell if you are dealing with early recurrence of encapsulation or not.  At this point it does not help to worry ( although again it is completely understandable why you might be given your history of encapsulation).

I would suggest continued patience and follow up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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Early breast movement

It is still relatively soon after your surgery and so there is still a lot of swelling and inflammation around your breasts.   Be patient and allow about three months before getting concerned. 

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